This is my blog about Cortana. In this blog there my be SPOILERS so, players who have not yet completed the Halo 4 campaign this my spoil it for you

There are many conspiracy 's involving the UNSC A.I. Cortana. I have herd some crazy explanations and some pretty good explanations. But in this blog I'm going to share with you my views on the subject are.

For those people who don't know who Cortana is, she is a Smart AI. created by or should I say is a cloned copy of Dr. Catherine Halsey. Cortana was created from the brain of Catherine Halsey and this is somewhat like the Greek Mytholological god Athena who was created from Zeus's brain. Skip a few months in Cortana's carere and eventually the AI was paired with the SPARTAN-II: John-117. Cortana eventually became one of Johns closest friends. Anyways lets get on to Halo 4, at the end of the game John and Cortana are on board the Didact's ship and John inserts Cortana into the ship's system to help John reach the Composer later John inserts Cortana into three different termanals where she will fragment her rampant parts into the system to overwhelm the system and lower the shields. John then goes after the Didact and is nearly killed by the Didact at which that time Cortana rises up uses her power to tie the Didact down and for John to defeat him and detanate the HAVOK nuke. Cortana then uses whats left of her power to create a hardlight shield around John. And this is where Cortana is finally allowed to make contact with John for the first time. That is the end of Cortana... Maybe.

  • One idea that I have is that Dr. Halsey has a copy of Cortana. In secoret which may be a problem because Halsey is currently under questioning by Commander Sarah Palmer. But still it's an idea.
  • Another idea that I have is that maybe The Librarian has something planed because even she said that Cortana was a special Ancilla and those of you who do not know what those are they are Forerunner AI's. So maybe The Librarian will make an appearance in a future Halo title and she gives John an AI to John that is very simualr to Cortana or have an copy of her,

I will have more ideas about what I think in time, but I need to have some good idea's about Cortana first.

If you Halo Nation users have ideas on what will happen about Cortana post a comment below, or if you dislike what my ideas are comment below its always good to have a debate with people about Halo.