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    Last time we saw Spartan-117 is at the epilog in Halo 4, where he was last seen getting getting his armor taken off in the Spartan-IV armor preperation bay (I don't know what they acually call it so I call it that.)

    In this blog I'm going to share my ideas on what and where his current whereabouts are. So lets get this show on the road.

    My friends on Xbox live think many things about what happened to him but I think the ideas are all stuiped. Here are some of them

    • After he got is armor taken of he quit heing a SPARTAN in other words he retired.

    My Ideas

    I'm for sure that John didn't retire. Reason being "SPARTANS' NEVER RETIRE!" It is true even if they didn't make it through augmentation (examples Kirk-018, Fhajad-084, and Serin-019) those are …

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    In this blog I am going to talk about my thoughts and ideas about what will happen after John has died in the Halo series. Though sad it may be to think that the Legendary Master Chief Petty Officer John-117 will die, he is still a human being and everything dies eventually. In this blog I am going to type how I think John will eventually die and what I think will happen to the Halo series after he passes. Now lets get this Trail of Tears started.

    Just about everybody who has played Halo knows who John-117 is whether his name be: Master Chief, John, Spartan-117, Sierra-117, Chief, or John. Along with many other names. He is the most noted of all the SPARTANS. He has lead and participated in over 300 campains against the Covenant and don't f…

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    Halo Legends

    January 15, 2013 by FriendlyMage

    This is my opinion of Halo Legends, and is mostly critisizms, but there are some compliments but again I have alot to say about the movie. Also THERE MAY BE SPOILERS IN THIS BLOG... SO BE WARNED. NOW LETS TURN CAPS LOCK OFF AND begin.

    A couple of days ago(I've seen it many more times than that but that was the most recent time watching the movie). I was watching the movie Halo Legends. It is an entertaining movie about legends from around the Halo Universe. It has stories about a Spartan-ll that has trouble falling from Pelicans, an Arbiter who has a duel, a Babysiter who happens to be a Spartan, Cortana waiting and thinking in space while slowly comeing closer to rampancy, a soildiers noble sacrifice/ redemption (Japanese anime Halo style)…

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    Cortana Conspiracy's

    December 13, 2012 by FriendlyMage

    There are many conspiracy 's involving the UNSC A.I. Cortana. I have herd some crazy explanations and some pretty good explanations. But in this blog I'm going to share with you my views on the subject are.

    For those people who don't know who Cortana is, she is a Smart AI. created by or should I say is a cloned copy of Dr. Catherine Halsey. Cortana was created from the brain of Catherine Halsey and this is somewhat like the Greek Mytholological god Athena who was created from Zeus's brain. Skip a few months in Cortana's carere and eventually the AI was paired with the SPARTAN-II: John-117. Cortana eventually became one of Johns closest friends. Anyways lets get on to Halo 4, at the end of the game John and Cortana are on board the Didact's …

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    In Halo there are so many things that( in my opinion) make great video game ideas some including some very famous battles with very famous SPARTANS such as the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. That was a great battle with several famous people includeing Jacob Keyes, John-117, Linda-058, and other SPARTANS and important characters. I will add on to this blog because there are so many things that I can add & only so many things that I can remember.

    Another Battle would be The Battles on Onyx in which it has SPARTAN-II'S and SPARTAN-III'S.

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