I'd like to use this opportunity to inform you of the somewhat-old MediaWiki extension known as "Patrolling". As information can be found on that link, I shall keep it brief. If this wiki implements the Patrol feature, it can be arranged to primarily affect administrators. It will increase their powers ever so slightly - to mark edits on Special:RecentChanges as "patrolled" when reviewing page-revisions. It's sort of an "administrators' seal of approval" that can be seen by other users on the RC as another tag, operating alongside "n" (New) and "m" (minor). It will also update Special:Log to allow users to examine the edits marked as 'patrolled'.

This thing is very minor, I know, but it will at least show to users on the RC what edits have already been checked. The more nosier of you may sleep more confortably in your beds knowing that we are routinely checking the site for vandals.

I await administratorial discussion as to whether or not we should introduce this power to the wiki.