I have noticed that, although the majority of these fights were important to the UNSC forces on Installation 04, a lot do not have their own pages, and most that do are quickly deleted.

  • The First Raid on the Pillar of Autumn - the Covenant board the ship, hoping to destroy it without endangering the ring (ie. taking control and flying it away). The boarders are defeated, though the crew and marines are evacuated and the ODSTs drop on their first mission.
  • The First Raid on the Truth and Reconciliation - an important special mission to rescue key members of the Pillar of Autumn's crew, of which only Keyes survived imprisonment. (Might be merged with the 'First' and 'Third' if not enough information is available)
  • Second Raid on the Pillar of Autumn - the Marine forces of Alpha base board the crashed Autumn to retrieve resources important for the continued survival of the base and its population: Weapons; Vehicles and Foodstuffs. Covenant forces in the area stop them from staying too long.
  • The Battle of Alpha Base - the Covenant crash a captured Pelican in Alpha base as part of a search and destroy mission, with the objective being to kill S-117.
  • The Battle for the Silent Cartographer - another important mission for the UNSC. It was here that they began coordinated attacks on Covenant bases, rather than sticking to stealth assaults like the previous. This was an important asset as it provided the UNSC with the location of the Control Room, which they discovered earlier was designed to fire a weapon.
  • The Assault on the Control Room - the UNSC's most important battle (yes, these two are battles, not skirmishes) on the ring. It was here that the UNSC managed to kill perhaps a thousand Covenant troops over a large area, on their search for the control centre. Capturing it, it ensured UNSC supremacy over the ring (back then, they were ok with firing it, as they didn't know it would kill them).
  • The Battle of the Containment Facility - another specialist engagement. The UNSC sends in two Pelicans of marines along with Captain Keyes to secure what they believe is a Covenant weapons cache. It later turns out that the flood was released and escaped, though do not know themselves until more do so. A third Pelican later touches down with a SPARTAN onboard as part of what appears to be a reconnaissance and rescue mission. After reaching the survivors, they battle it out into the swamps and any survivors escape.
  • The Second Raid on the Truth and Reconciliation - This time, S-117 and the Flood board the ship with their own intentions. The Flood require Keyes to pilot the ship to escape, while S-117 is there to save Keyes. (Might be merged with the 'First' and 'Third' if not enough information is available)
  • The Third Raid on the Truth and Reconciliation - another important special mission. This time, almost all remaining UNSC forces (that's around 1000) make their way to the Truth and Reconciliation a few hours after S-117s departure, in hopes of repairing the ship for escape. Eventually, the ship is sabotaged by an ODST, who realises that the Flood will take over the ship and the galaxy if they leave.(Might be merged with the 'First' and 'Second')
  • The Third Raid of the Pillar of Autumn - By now, the Covenant have taken full control of the Autumn and are using it as a command site. However, this is not for long - the Flood are on their way. S-117 and AI Cortana board the ship along with Forerunner constructs in a four-way engagement that decides the fate of the ring: Will the Covenant finally be able to fire it? Will the Flood capture a UNSC vessel? Will S-117 destroy the ring? Or will the Forerunner construct eliminate the intruders and finally be able to defeat the parasite?