Requests for Deletions and Moves are beginning to clut up pages. Like what Wikipedia has done, I suggest that we move RfDs and RfMs to their own page. For example, an RfD occuring in May 2010 for the Battle of Eridanus II would be called Talk:Battle of Eridanus II/RfD May 2010 (that way you can make multiple RfDs when new information arrives without having a lot of opposes from people back before the information was known.

I also suggest that we make updates to the voting requirements. I have seen many times IPs and new users voting for or against things they simply do not understand. I suggest that, upon using RfD and RfM subpages, we implement rules for their use, including the following:

  • Only Registered users are allowed to edit (The subpages will be protected)
  • Users must be at least 3 months old, like other voting policies.
  • Users must also have made at least 100 edits (50 is simply to easy to make these days)

This way, we can better segragate users who know what they're doing from flamers and people who have no idea what is going on.

I would also like to point out that the Inclusion Policy does NOT mean that everything deserves an article. The policy means that everything should be mentioned. We don't need an armor lock page, and don't say we need a goddamn Sprinting page!