I've started noticing over the last couple months that we have a number of articles devouted to minor subjects that we will never add meaningful to. For example, let's look at the ship articles

UNSC Saratoga is 2719 bytes long. Just over 800 of this is necessary - the rest is an inaccurate infobox, some redundant templates and a gallery. What do we know about the Saratoga? It was next to Grafton at one point in its career.

How about characters? Here's Druss. From what we learn in the storyline, he's a young Jiralhanae. Nothing more than a mention of him existing - he adds nothing to the story, itself, and just serves as a reason why most older Jiralhanae have -us added to their names. Again, most of this is the infobox.

I find these such articles to be a waste - they cannot be substantially contributed to due to their limited appearences. Consequently, I feel that they should be merged into lists with other similar articles. List of Jiralhanae characters already contains the overview of each character, without the information-repeating infoboxes added to make the page appear larger.

Does anyone else agree that we should consider merging them?