I'd just like to make a note about the differences between colloquial usage of the word "trivia" and the wiki equivalent.

Colloquially, "trivia" (the opposite of the actual term, which is the complete opposite) refers to generic information relating to anything, and is generally a minor note that may be used in summation. On wikis, "trivia" or "further notes" sections list information deemed important enough to deserve a mention, but cannot be adequately placed into a specific section of the article.

Here is an example of "trivial trivia": "The MA5B is a gun" - the article (hypothetically) containing this information is the MA5B article. As such, the information present in the entry (that it is a firearm of some sort) has already been brought up earlier in the page; therefore, this note is unnecessary.

Furthermore, I have seen that people are taking advantage of these sections as an easy way of earning points - again, this can be seen in the above example. Elsewhere we have notes like "the 2007 film 300 (which is a movie depicting the battle between the Persians and 300 Spartans) has a run time of 117 minutes.". This is unnecessary-pandering to the "7" and "117" fanbase. While it is interesting that the film involves the SPARTANs' namesakes, the runtime of films is subject to change due to the director and producers' decisions on cutting and local censorship - it might be "117 minutes" in the US theatrical release, but is it the same in the German DVD release?

Please take your time reading the trivia sections and remove unnecessary trivia from the wiki. Good day.