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Anything mentioned gets a page

I have started to notice complaints regarding Dragonclaws' "anything mentioned gets a page" policy. Although I don't see anything wrong with it myself, I would like to note down what I have heard of...

  1. toilet
  2. Apple
  3. Apricot
  4. Watermelon and many others...

what about other stuff mentioned in Halo? Why not:

  • Sexual Intercourse (Contact Harvest) and
  • Air - it's inside John's suit

I guess it is rather "what admins think should deserve an article", perhaps yet-again extending the border between Sysop-User relations, or maybe it is just a matter we need to sort out. I mean come on, if we are to include anything mentioned in Halo... can't we just sort some onto a specific page? All we know about Squirrels in the Haloverse is that it's an Earth mammal... why not make a page on Earth animals mentioned in Halo, with Squirrel a section in it? How about, instead of Grape, we have "Fruit" with Grape as a section?

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