Needs for Halo to regain the community it once had (not just casuals, kids and trolls):

1. Clans - with big team and 4v4 gametypes at least

2. Ranks (pending in H2A)

3. Ranked and social playlists with each gametype - ranked playlist gametypes should be geared towards competitive play, whereas social playlist gametypes can be where they include all possible armor abilities/powerups, experiment with gametypes for both competitive/noncompetitive gameplay, etc.  All ranked gametypes should be included in the social playlist, but not all social playlist gametypes should be in the ranked playlist.  (They don't need to be called ranked/social necessarily.)

4. Lack of Armor Abilities that reduce competitiveness, disrupt the meta game and break maps

Armor abilities that COULD become powerups at least (if that): Hologram, Speed Boost (already a                 powerup), MAYBE Hardlight Shield (because this can slow the game down), Regeneration Field, Evade,         Autosentry, Active Camo, Overshield

All other abilities (correct me if I am wrong) disrupt the meta game, break the map, or reduce competition       and decreases the skill gap (necessary to prevent casuals from taking over the community).  I am not           saying that all of those should be powerups on the map, but that they COULD be (IMO) without negatively     affecting gameplay.

5. Voicemasking so we can sound like creepers again! ;-]

Let me know what you think!  All opinions will be heard - just be respectful and treat others as you would like to be treated!