Halopedia, the best resource for Halo information, Halopedia.

Well, as far as Ican tell this is the best Halo site, really. Part of Wikia Gaming, yes. But who expected that a Wiki will have so much history! No, I'm not going to tell the whole history, just the history that I lived.

Well, where do I start. I came here from a link in wikipedia in November 7th, 2008. I was blocked by [CENSORED] for 6 months, yeah. I created my account on the 20th, as a way to escape the block. As far I can tell, the site was different. I got my first friend, who now is permanently blocked, and my second, well, I haven't talked to him in months. When I created my account, I made various edits, and then something happened, Devout Atheist's Rfa, I supported him, and I got him as a friend. Wow.

Okay, I will shut up, I don't like to tell what happened afterwards. I think most of you haven't heard of me for a while. But, still, I love H-a-l-o-p-e-d-i-a.

The other thing I just wanted to say was that Halopedia is one huge family, there is friendship and I think a little of love, and of course Halo addiction! Like in every family there's fights, but at the end there's reconciliation. Halopedia is my Halo family, really. Just wanted to say that. Have a good day/night. =D