Hello everyone!

Cleansing? No, I’m not referring to the Halo Wars level Cleansing. I’m referring about cleaning Halopedia. In the past few months, Halopedia had grown incredibly, many new uses, pages, some templates and more, but a problem had originated from that. The account that users had created is big, but not only big, really big, so many users as many had read in another blog create an account, then 2 months they are only chatting with another users and making friends without realizing that even they can edit and many reach certain points and then disappear in mid-edit.

With Subb badass Project M. O. S., CommanderTony proposal to disband the usergroups, Spirit of Fire and Spirit-of-HALO (wow! so many spirits) new Requests for adminship and the new administrator Smoke., Halopedia need a spring cleaning even if is not Spring.

And so, I propose Project: Cleansing (or Operation: Cleansing if you want).

This project (or operation) will fulfill the objectives of:

  • Get out account that had been unused in more than 5 months and account that had been blocked indefinitely (because everyone gets out if he is blocked like that).
  • To get Halopedia in a more clean state and good sphere as the community as it is.

Also an user said me that he didn't want to go to an army, then come after 9 months and see your account deleted. So, Why do you say that you are leving for <insert time here>?, it will make things a lot easier and you don't have to create another account.

So, this is it (is short, I know).

Goodbye! And Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!