This service record is recalled by Commander Oganessian

Battle: Battle of Sanghelios

Commanding Officers: Arbiter Thel ‘Vadam, Shipmaster Rtas ‘Vadum, Commander Oganessian.

February 1, 2568

“The landing zone is clear,” comments the voice of an old war hero, Rtas ‘Vadum.

“Good. Be sure to mind your head I’m dropping soon,” I report, “Lieutenant Fathree are you ready?”

“I don’t know I never did like these drop pods.”

“Come on have some fun,” I comment before being interrupted by the familiar acceleration of the drop.

“Ah!” cries Ensign Fathree, “They should at least warn us!”

“They usually do, but it’s more fun to see shinies have fits.”

“I really don’t like you.”

“You know you love me.”

“Do I know I love you? Yes, yes I do.”

“Knew it.”

“Oganessian?” asks Fathree.


“Sensors are indicating a failure in landing thruster 2 and we are approaching the braking zone.”

“Extend all drag fins!” I call looking out to her pod just to see a fin get ripped off sending into a spiral towards the ground.

As soon as I land I dash to her pod hoping she’s alive just for the fuel for the thrusters to mix with her oxygen tank causing an explosion that sends me to the ground. Nonetheless I get up, holding on to the faintest hope, before being brought back to Earth (or rather Sanghelios) by Rtas.

“We need you on base,” he glances towards the crater, “There’s nothing left come on.”

“Yes, Sir!” I call as we rush to base.

“No need for formalities on the battlefield. You've been trained well.”

“What do you mean si- I mean Rtas?”

“On their first major engagement most soldiers salute their CO in battle and-”

“That will make it easier to locate said CO and eliminate them.”

“And I don’t feel like dying anytime soon.”

“What can I say Epsilon Eridani e produces the best naval officers in the UNSC. Now what’s the situation? ”

“I’ll let the Arbiter explain that.”

“You must be Commander Oganessian,” comments Thel as he moves from a makeshift war room built in a tent.


“Dispense with the formalities. Now I do understand you are the second in command aboard the Infinity-class Verdant Spring?

“Yes. I am also the Commander of a Razor-class medium prowler, Paris-class Heavy frigate and a captured Covenant Supercarrier.”


“The prowler is Darkest Night and the frigate is Estival Summer. The Supercarrier is undecided.”

“And where are your vessels?”

“In orbit around Tribute. Permission to speak freely?”


“Are you going to continue interrogating me or are we going to get into planning a strategy?”

“Okay what do think we should do?”

I walk up to the table only to get a surprise, “Is this all the data we have?!”

“They’ve been shooting down every scout we send.”

“Active camouflage is often use for infiltration, am I correct?”

“They would surely have countermeasures!”

“I asked am I right, Rtas. Not if the Covenant Remnant has countermeasures.”

“Yes your right.”

“Remind me, how does it work?

“A camera system takes the scenery and feed it to a holoprojector on the opposite side.”

“Not that different from a prowler's cloak.”

“It is very different.”

“How so Thel?”

“They use panels that are not perfect nor do they cover up its signatures.”

“Which is why we should modify it and ad the IR hiding properties of human camoflage cloaks.”

“That’d take two weeks!”

“What if we use Engineers?’

“Then it will take Two days.”

“Lance Corporal!” I call out to the Marine guard outside the tent.


“Notify the Darkest Night to use a Huragok and Active Camouflage-Camoflage Cloak hybrid to apply active camo onto the ship.”

“Yes, Sir!”

“Now Kig-Yar Major!” I call to the alien guard.

“Yes commander?” asks the T’vaoan.

“Do you have a squad?”

“Yes sir, I am in charge of five Minors and twelve Grunts.”

“You and your squad will be my new guards. Now do you have a name?”

“I am she called Jan.”

“I am he called Oganessian.”

“Most humans won’t have anything to do with us because of our frightening appearance and animalistic nature. Why you?”

“Well how can one beautiful be frightening?”

“Th-thank you. Shouldn’t you be more interested in your own species?”

“Interspecies relationships tend to be more interesting and… exotic. Heck I dated a Sangheili named Lineav in high school. Anyway I tend to have a soft spot for Kig-Yar after one saved me from certain death.”

“Do tell.”

“I was mortally wounded, as well as the last one left, on a scout mission luckily for me he was running a solo recon and treated me. That and I just like how y’all went from piracy and theft to a formidable force in the galaxy.”

“Enough flirting with the soldiers we got stuff to discuss,” puts in Thel.

As we are returning to the work Thel leans towards me, “So you dated a Sangheili. Did she try to kill you?”

“When she found out about what happened in the tent the night she got drunker then I thought possible off a bottle of Loki.”

“That means she liked it.”

February 3, 2568

“Why are the grunts armed with only energy pistols? Give them SMGs and Battle Rifles and teach them how to use them.”

“Commander!” snaps a marine.


“The carrier is requesting a landing.”

“Can that massive thing land?”

“Yes sir.”

“How? Its thirty kilometers!”

“Yes or no?”

“It will scare the living daylights out of everybody when it breaks through that cloud layer. Do it, the lands are flat enough,” I say as I grab a radio, “Commander Oganessian to all Anti-Aircraft Artillery Ops.”

“AAA here,” reports multiple voices.

“When that ship comes out of the clouds do not shoot, I repeat do not shoot. You may soil yourselves but you mustn't fire,” I order just before the Supercarrier slowly descends below the clouds, massive landing gear extended.

“Um, sir,” says an AAA operator, “I think I need an underwear change.”

“Underwear change granted.”

“Is that your vessel?!” exclaims Thel as we make our way to the gravity lift on a warthog followed by the Kig-Yar complement of Jan’s squad on ghosts.


“Why didn’t you say something we could glass them from orbit and be done with this!”

“I did, not my fault you weren’t paying attention, and do you really want to glass your homeworld.”

“A precision glassings glass will erode into sand.”

“Not until after the powdered glass gets whipped into ‘glass storms’ that do more harm then good.”

We pause as we ascend to the deck using the gravity lift. At the top he continues, “Why are we here?”

“We needed a Prowler didn’t we?”

“Where is it?”

“Two steps forward and you’d be kissing it,” I comment casually knocking on the invisible hull plates behind me prompting a technician to deactivate the cloaking device, “Presenting the galaxies first cloaking prowler!”

“How’d you do it?”

“Glad you asked, Rtas. We gave a group of engineers an Active Camouflage schematic and a Camouflage Cloak schematic with whatever materials they needed and told the to make a successful hybrid. Sure enough by the end of the day they had made a cloaking device. And half a day afterwards they had installed it and now maintain it.”

“It took a group, key word ‘group’, of Huragok a day to build it?”

“Many of the materials that were needed didn’t exist so they had to be made, mostly by the Engineers themselves.”

“What’s your plan?”

“We use the Prowler to provide us with constant up to date intel while we use,” I point to a SDV-class Heavy Corvette hidden against the roof, “that to distract the Anti-Air Artillery while the Supercarrier lays waste the primary command camp with Pulse Lasers and/or energy projectors. While a fleet of CPV-class heavy destroyers led by a single CCS-class Battlecruiser defends us from any gutsy ships.”

“When will Darkest Night launch?” asks Thel just as the Prowler lifts from the deck before exiting the bay.

“Now. We should be expecting results soon.”

“Who would want to crew a suicide ship?” comments Jan after staying silent through the entire plan.

“She actually talks! You’d be surprised how many Sangheili wish to punish the traitor states who let the covenant remnant take up power.”

“If you don’t mind,” puts in Rtas, “If you don’t already have someone I would like to lead the defence fleet.”

“Our current leader sees the suicide mission as the most important part, he’d love to be transferred.”

“Thank you.”

“Deck Officer!” I call, “Bring me the ship wide Comm.”

“Here sir.”

Taking the microphone I turn it on, “Attention crew this is your shipmaster speaking. The plan will commence at 0630, we will be at the location by 0700, the plan goes as follows, We use the Prowler Darkest Night to provide us with constant up to date intel while we use a SDV-class Heavy Corvette to distract the Anti-Air Artillery while the Supercarrier lays waste the primary command camp with Pulse Lasers and/or energy projectors. While a fleet of CPV-class heavy destroyers led by a single CCS-class Battlecruiser defends us from any gutsy ships.”

0700 February 4, 2572

“The corvette is waiting to distract the covies sir,” comments an Unggoy

“Good. Tell them to engage,” I comment, “You stayed long past your shift, treat yourself to some gas.”

“Thank you sir.”

I move to the Comm, “Rtas you have the first shot on these Heretics.”

“With pleasure,” comment Rtas as he fires an energy projector from above the clouds, however sensors show that the base is still standing.

Darkest Night why is the base not gone?” I ask only getting static in return, “Darkest Night? Darkest Night, answer me! Are you there?” still static, “Silph!”

“Yes Shipmaster?” replies the holographic avatar, a moderately figured female Kig-Yar that many male crew members undoubtly find attractive, of the Covenant AI present.

“Mark PRO-823543 Darkest Night as lost, with all hands.”

“My sensors show a negative change in emotional state. My diagnosis, sadness and frustration. My recommended treatment, intimate sexual activities with another. May I ask what is so sad about the loss of a simple corvette?”

Ignoring the comment I solemnly start, “One it’s a prowler and two my best friend was commanding it.”

“In an attempt to cheer you up I would like to report that scans have shone an energy shield around the base, a type never seen before. Might I suggest sexual activities with Jan.”

“What? She’s not even my species!”

“That doesn’t stop the rush of hormones every time you see her, my analysis indicates a strong sexual attraction,” she turns to Jan, “Same with her.”

“Where’s her off switch?”

“I must keep track of the whole crew’s health conditions. For example the elevated levels of hormones in crew quarter 2576143 are indicative of mating however the female is not on estrus so no child will come. And the female in officer quarter 25 is pregnant, its a boy.”

“Send a message to the female in officer quarter 25 to immediately board a shuttle for transport to a world of her choice to raise the child. All expenses paid.”

“It will be done.”

I grab the comm, “This is your Shipmaster. The mission has taken a jog to the left with the destruction of the Darkest Night. The issue is further complicated by the fact that the base has a shield, I don’t want to but prepare for ultra rapid deployment Scarabs and Wraiths included. Oh and to the couple in Crew quarter 2576143 now is not the time for mating, maybe later.”

“Maybe later?” asks Thel, “You allow mating on you ship? What is this? A generational colony ship! How would you educate and maintain the children?”

“As long as they're not on duty mating is fine we have schools and nurseries.”

“They were on duty,” comments, almost offhandedly, Silph.


“The male is a Champion and the female is a Ranger. And the pregnant female is a Kig-Yar Zealot.”

“We have the Arbiter to replace the Zealot. Demote the couple to Minor for dishonorable conduct towards another while on duty,” I turn to Jan, “It seems we have need of a Champion.”

“I’m just a major, th-thats a huge jump!”

“I almost forgot your whole squad will be risen one pay grade. I am now appointing you as Thel’s second in command. And that means…”

“I answer to you, the Arbiter and Rtas, and y’all only.”

“In that order. Now grab you upgraded equipment.”

“Since when did a human commander outrank me?” asks Thel somewhat wounded though he doesn't show it.

“Who’s the one with the giant supercarrier that is capable of decimating an entire fleet, alone?”

“I’ll be on the surface.”

“Sir we’ve been in the same position to long! The enemy fleet has arrived!” reports an Unggoy before a plasma beam cuts through the CPV-class heavy destroyer closest to Rtas’ ship sending it into a flat spin towards the ground and breaching a few decks of the carrier.

“Send a detachment over to look for survivors,” I order as I quickly raise the shields and pick up the comm, “Estival Summer this is Commander Oganessian, prepare to launch, report before departure for orders,” I switch channels to all docked ships, “Attention all SDV-class Heavy Corvettes prepare for launch, report before departure for orders.”

Estival Summer reporting.”

“Battle group Beta reporting.”

“Now Battle Group Beta will escort Estival Summer to within MAC range and, and using utmost precision, hit that assualt carrier in the split second between the shields lowering and the beam firing. Engage,” at my signal eight, my entire complement, Heavy Corvettes rush out of the bay before six of them form a tetrahedron around my frigate and the remainder neutralize any major threats in their path. As the Estival Summer approaches the carrier the sheer size difference becomes apparent, like a mosquito killing a person by poking them. When the properly timed MAC blast hits the glowing energy projector the light instantly winks off just before an explosion rips its way through the ship and destroys a significant portion of the fleet.

“Shipmaster!” calls the medical officer over the comm, “One of the survivors wishes to speak to you.”

“What do you need?” I ask as I arrive only to see a wounded Rtas laying on a hospital bed hand over a wound gushing purple blood, “Rtas! What happened!?”

“Shrapnel,” he hands me his energy sword, “Take it I want you to avenge my death.”

“You’ll live. Just stay conscious. I’ll go grab the doctor,” I say turning away only to be stopped by Rtas placing his blood soaked hand on my chestplate.

“Even if the doctor does save me I have lost blood therefore I have lost honor. At least I have died on Sanghelios.”


“Yes Shipmaster?”

“Do what you can to save Rtas.”

He glances over, “It seems he has lost the will to live,” he sighs, “Sangheili, they'd rather die then be saved by a doctor.”