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    im sure most of you are well aware by now, but a teaser trailer was realeased for Halo 5 (or at least i think its Halo 5, the trailer only calls it "Halo") i reccomend you all go and see it, it definitely raises a lot of interesting questions about where Halo 5s story will take us. You can find the video on Halo5Follower's channel, or one of the other gaming channels like IGN or Machinima

    When you do see it, what do you think?

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  • Fightin first

    New forge map!!!

    March 24, 2013 by Fightin first

    I don't know if many people have been keeping track of PAX, but 343 announced that they are going to add a' new '(and free) forge map!

    Unlike the previous three (which according to some people were inadequate)  This new map has only three small to medium empty islands in it, leaving the rest of the rather large map completely empty with plenty of room for forging.

    If you want to hear more about it check out IGN or Halo4Follower on youtube

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