Hello Halo Nation editors,

I'm writing this blog to ask you to help me to further improve this wiki.

Orphan Pages

I have been editing Orphan[1] pages (a lot) and adding data to Stub articles (occasionally). Despite close to three months of editing, I have failed to get rid of the Orphan category.

Some pages in that category are important. For example UNSC Ships, Planets, locations, characters and other story-related pages. There are still few such pages left in the category and I have not been able to link such pages to other appropriate pages. Citing Wilc0's advice [2] I have been making five or more links to each orphaned page, and still there over 300 pages.

Some pages like glitches, for example, can easily be removed from this category as the 'Glitch template can be edited to accomodate an Orphan page, resulting in over 40 instant links to that page.

Conclusion : Help me get rid of Orphan pages by introducing appropriate links inside Halo Nation.


Certain Stub pages still have information which can be added, so please attend to this as well fellow users.

Main Page

This task is up to the Administrators. The slider on the main page has been replaced by '<slider id="Slider" />', it looks ugly, I left a message on an Administrator's Talk Page on the 3rd of July regarding this issue but it has not yet been addressed.

By doing the above, we can improve this wiki at least by some extent.