Hello fellow Halo Nation editors,

I have been here actively for close to 6 months and I didn't notice whether the Admins here have divided responsibilities among themselves, if so, disregard this post.

I was thinking that since there are 7 Admins here, maybe certain areas of this wiki could be delegated under the care of one or more Admins. I will mention the such areas and the required Admins below.

  • Articles - 3 Admins (as there are over 7000 pages)
  • Blogs and Forums - 1 Admin
  • Facebook page - 1 Admin
  • Chat - 1 Admin
  • Categories - 1 Admin
  • Monitoring recent changes - 1 Admin

I feel that by doing this, if not already done, this wiki can be more organised and professional with Admins specifically assigned to watch over particular areas of this wiki.

Added on 4th of July

I also wish to state that the aforementioned roles of the Adminisatrators should be rotated every two weeks or less, in order to keep all Admins in touch with all areas of the wiki. In addition to this, the Administrators in charge of things other than articles should also edit and improve articles as well, lending a hand to the 3 assigned Admins.