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    Did you know?

    November 23, 2012 by FEARDEATH24

    Hello there fellow Halo Nationals!

    I just finished reading T3CHNOCIDE's blog, I saw the Did You Know facts will be returning. So far I did not see a place to add such facts, but I started this blog instead to fulfill that purpose.

    • that a Pelican was capable of slipspace flight?
    • that the is 5.7 kilometers long?
    • that there are over 300 SPARTAN-IVs?
    • that the Composer (artifact) can create Prometheans?
    • that there is a UNSC research station orbiting Installation 03?
    • that Humans once fought Forerunners?

    Leave your 'Did You Know?' facts in the comments below.

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    I need YOU!

    September 10, 2012 by FEARDEATH24

    That's right! I want your help for project that I will be initating. It's main aim is to make this wiki more standardized.

    When going through many pages on this wiki, I saw many were following different formats, and it made the wiki look less professional than it should be. Furthermore, following in the wake of T3CHNOCIDE's clearing of the category system, this is a further supplement to this wiki.

    I would like to propose that all the pages of particular general category be structured according one perfect structure of one existing article.

    For example, Voi has alot of detail and is in a suitable structure to have applied to other articles regarding cities from the Halo franchise. The other articles should follow the same order of the heading…

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    Sorting out Spoilers

    August 27, 2012 by FEARDEATH24

    I was going through the achievement page and stumbled upon the Halo 4 achievements section. At that point I did not know how long the Halo 4 campaign was, or what other Covenant species still exist in Halo 4. Upon reading the list I foudn out that there are (*) missions in Halo 4.

    I added the Spoiler templates, but I am unsure of whether it is to be added to all of Halo 4's achivement pages. I am open to suggestions or views on this matter.

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    Hello Halo Nation editors,

    I'm writing this blog to ask you to help me to further improve this wiki.

    I have been editing Orphan[1] pages (a lot) and adding data to Stub articles (occasionally). Despite close to three months of editing, I have failed to get rid of the Orphan category.

    Some pages in that category are important. For example UNSC Ships, Planets, locations, characters and other story-related pages. There are still few such pages left in the category and I have not been able to link such pages to other appropriate pages. Citing Wilc0's advice [2] I have been making five or more links to each orphaned page, and still there over 300 pages.

    Some pages like glitches, for example, can easily be removed from this category as the 'Glitch t…

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    Hello fellow Halo Nation editors,

    I have been here actively for close to 6 months and I didn't notice whether the Admins here have divided responsibilities among themselves, if so, disregard this post.

    I was thinking that since there are 7 Admins here, maybe certain areas of this wiki could be delegated under the care of one or more Admins. I will mention the such areas and the required Admins below.

    • Articles - 3 Admins (as there are over 7000 pages)
    • Blogs and Forums - 1 Admin
    • Facebook page - 1 Admin
    • Chat - 1 Admin
    • Categories - 1 Admin
    • Monitoring recent changes - 1 Admin

    I feel that by doing this, if not already done, this wiki can be more organised and professional with Admins specifically assigned to watch over particular areas of this wiki.

    I als…

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