In an argument not too long ago, I contested that Halo Nation still had greatness in it. I put forth the idea that we still have many visitors to this site seeking knowledge on a great but injured franchise and the deep lore and messages that surround it, the characters that inhabit it and the weapons and ships that usher in the endless war. All of that, I supported. Was I wrong?

Do people read the edits that I make? Are the contributions appreciated, or even noticed? Do people know that wikis like this exist, these compendiums of knowledge created by fans, edited by fans, maintained by fans...sabotaged and attacked and divided by fans? 

Do you suppose that the schism divided us too much, by fandom and admin and broad idealism? 

Is this something worth thinking about? Is this work worth doing? 

In answer to that last question, yes. For the rest, I'm not sure.