In this blog on the Forerunner, I wondered about what is normally a simple question; what they looked like. A strong understanding of what the Forerunner were is already available, so this blog won't attempt to address that. In short, they were a type of 'Human' species.

Not only do we know that, we also know that from a story standpoint, they are a back-story element, and are presented with a strong aura of so-called mystery, which includes never showing an actual Forerunner being. Of course, since Humans are Forerunner in function and form, it isn't necessary, but that's not all there is to it.

While it is obvious what the main reason for not showing a Forerunner being to us exists, I think that there may be more to it. By proxy of being such an advanced culture, especially a Human one, what image immediately comes to mind on such a being's appearance?

For many, it is basically a sort of "perfect" or "superior" Human of some kind, and this image specifically is one of a Human who is in some way physically, spiritually, and perhaps disturbingly, somehow racially superior. Many images of such a thing boils down to one general form; physically strong, elegant, blond or pale-haired, white-skinned, blue-eyed Humans. In short, the ideal image of the white European or Caucasian form; it is also the image of the Nazi "Aryan" idea of a superior race.

While this is not the only image, it is a common and readily found one. In the context of scifi mythology, we have a good example of such a thing: the Nordics of UFO mythology.

In the context of Halo, some of the concept art for the cancelled Halo MMO is similar to the aforementioned form; physically idealized, "noble" people of Caucasian form. Though not blond-haired or blue eyed, it is very similar.


Of course, there are other images, and it depends on which culture you look at, and the Aryan-type is not the only one. While the numbers of depictions are vast, there are still common characteristics; these beings are somehow physically or genetically superior, possess great strength, knowledge, power, are somehow noble or holy, and proud as well.

So in a nutshell, I think that one of the reasons that the Forerunner haven't been directly portrayed is that they would fit the prime example I mentioned, and that this would be both too generic but also treading on very offensive grounds. Of course, this isn't the only image, for instance, the generically-named "Ancients" of Stargate mythology have a varied appearance, caused by the fact that they are actors in a TV program, and perhaps to show diversity and not treading the offensive territory already mentioned.

Do you think that this is a possible reason, or is this wrong?