Dear Halopedians,

Over the 2 years being with Halopedia, I must say I have not only talked to some great individuals but have also learned many things about both the internet and human interaction. While I originally came for the sole purpose of seeking information related to Halo, I also helped to take care of this site as I accepted the responsibilities of being an Administrator last November. It is with deep regret that I must resign from my post as Admin come this November 1st.

The fact that many Admins continue to do their job is remarkable to me because it either means you have absolutely no life at all…. Or are an incredible individual. Balancing a social life with school and Halopedia is something I have not done very well within the past year. I have allowed myself to slip in many areas with the people I care most about. I have begun doing a lot of drugs and my school career is something I can no longer risk because of the importance of college. I’m sorry to all the members who look up to me, but my time here is done.


Andrew H.

AKA EwCDnaudee419