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so the new halo reach bata is out now so i thought that it would be fun if i did a little respwns to it!so frist i thought that it was better then the halo 3 bata aswell!and some of my favorite things about the halo reach bata was the wepon s you kmow all the new ones like the Needle Rifle amd the The M319 IGL AKA: Grenade Launcher the Grenade Launcher is reall cool because well frist its the frist Grenade Launcher ever to be on halo so i thought that that was prity cool!And i thought that all the new maps vere cool aswell bone yard was my favorite map on head hunter so what i was thingkin was you guys out there would post all your fva stuff on the halo reach bata and il read every one of them k so bye bye for now :p by evan_halo

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