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What's Going on With Halo 2: Anniversery

Hello UNSC Servicemen (and Covenant )

I know there has been many information regarding a Halo 2 remake. To help out, here's all the information I have:

  • Mid 2012: First rumors of a Halo 2 remake are posted on IGN. It was stated that 343 was currently in the planning phase of a Halo 2 remake.
  • Late 2012: Some websites release a update on the game claiming it was currently in production.
  • Early 2013: Other websites state that at E3 '13, there will be an official announcement by 343i stating if there will ever be a Halo 2 remake.
  • March 20, 2013: In the Halo Bulletin, 343i stated that at PAX East, they will have an announcement regarding "the future." Some believe that the announcement of Halo 2 may be made there.

Well, this is all of the information I picked up. If you have anymore information or comments on these, please leave your mark in the comments.

-EliteRacing343 (Race4TheChase on LIVE)

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