I have another Wacky and Kooky theory (Wacky and Kooky capitalized for a reason.)

I was watching the Babysitter preview back on Youtube, and found something. Why is it that "Farm Boy" knows that "the Shooter is a SPARTAN"? No one else seems to know. And when they drop, Cal, the SPARTAN, walks with them. There are only three ODSTs. Red head and the African-American Captain are confirmed, and the blondie dosen't seem very likely. Other than that, Farm Boy is missing. Who is Farm Boy? Cal. 343-Studios makes a possibly deliberate reference to this. "I ain't no babysitter!" From red head. Oh, the irony! Little did he know, that he would be the one babysitted. Possibly.

Watch the full Spike Preview on Youtube, then report here with what YOU think.

Bye now! Scurry along to examine.