I've noticed a lot of people around here are tired of random, unrelated nonsense and bad jokes on the "Polls" pages. Particularly, people are very irritated by polls which talk about "Chuck Norris" jokes.

Folks, I understand that the Chuck Norris jokes are annoying, but making NEW polls about how tired you are of Chuck Norris is doing a lot more harm than good, and here's why:

  1. These "Who's tired of Chuck Norris?" polls are in violation of H:PQP, just as much so as the Chuck Norris polls are.
  2. The polls are just prepetuating the annoying problem, because vandals and people who want to be annoying will see how much it bothers you, and then keep doing it to just be annoying.
  3. Technically, I have to block you for violation of the policy because it is so clear. Though I haven't been doing so because I understand your frusteration, I may have to do so, just to be fair to everyone else who receives bans for spamming the Polls with unrelated material.

Now there are several things you can do to get rid of the bad jokes and other nonsense yourselves. Please consider one of these BEFORE writing a Blog:

  1. Edit the poll! I don't know if anyone didn't know this, but anyone can edit anyone else's poll. If one option of the poll is "Chuck Norris" or something stupid, just change it.
  2. Flag the poll. The Administrators, wikiastaff and wikia helpers look through flagged polls, and will get rid of those that are innapropriate. Just flag the poll and forget about it; you'll never see it again.
  3. Report the poll. Tell one of us about the problem via a message on our boards, talk pages, or email. I'd like to send out kudos to User:Halosean for being a good role model and doing exactly this, reporting almost two dozen crappy polls to us, so we dealt with them quickly.