Well, I just spent an hour or so enforcing Halopedia's new Poll and Quiz policy, and I have to say that it was rather disappointing!

After the first 20 or so blocks I started trying to be more lenient, deleting stupid polls while not blocking their creators, but unfortunately, I still managed to fill up my block log with about 60 User and IP blocks, and I have a feeling that I only found a small number of culprits.

Come on, people! The policy has been on the site notice, in your face for a week. You have had plenty of time to remove or change anything that was against the policy, which is clearly laid out on the policy page. It should not be difficult to do so.

But I have to also say that, commendably, that most of the experienced users had no problems, it seems that most of the offenders are people who only play around on the polls and quizzes, and contribute very little to the site. I don't know if these people were testing the limits of our paitence or just ignoring the policy, but I can assure you: the policy is there, it is supported by the admins and most of the community, and despite how disheartening it is to block so many people, the rules are not there for the fun of it. They will be enforced in exactly the way that they state.