I am a long-time fan and follower of the Halo series. I remember when I was first introduced to the game at my dad's friend's house. My first level was Assault on the Control Room, and I remember very well the next day when I convinced my dad to take me back so I could play again. Ever since that fateful day, I have loved Halo. Even through all of its ups and downs I have stayed positive and loyally supported Bungie in its endeavor to create the next best Halo game. Therefore, when I heard that Bungie was giving the franchise over to 343 Industries, my jaw almost hit the floor. After making 5 of the greatest games of all time (not to mention consulting Ensemble Studios on making the best console RTS of all time); after hearing the best musical score in any videogame from Martin O'Donnel for nigh on a decade; after beating the Covenant, the Flood, and finally killing that annoying blue lightbulb; and after losing so many heroes along the way, Bungie was moving on to what they call "bigger and better things". In my opinion, there is no such thing as better than Halo.

After getting over my initial depression, I began thinking and my concern continued to grow. I remembered how concerned I was when Pixar announced Toy Story 3 and then managed to pull it off. But this was different. Pixar stayed in charge of the Toy Story Trilogy throughout. Bungie is giving up its role and putting new people in charge. My only consolation thus far is the fact that Frank O'Connor, one of the lead story-board writers, transferred over to 343i. The release of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary did not put my mind to ease much more. The gameplay is not what concerns me; it's the story that I am afraid for. Any diehard fan of Halo will tell you that it has by far the BEST campaign story of any videogame to date, and having that in the hands of a new person is like putting your newborn, precious, beautiful, action-packed child in the hands of a new caretaker. Can anyone else agree with me on this?

With that being said, I am still looking forward to its release. I'm staying positive and have almost convinced myself that 343i, being an old friend of Bungie's (for heaven's sakes, they named Guilty Spark after the company), will be able to carry on the decade old tradition of the Halo games. There still remains an once of DOUBT, however, like an old PROPHET telling me things contrary to the TRUTH. However, I will probably REGRET feeling this way on the morning of Nov. 6. (Please, someone pick up on what I did with the bold and caps letters...). Please feel free to leave your opinions. I'd love to see what other people think!!!