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    Halo 4 - The Countdown

    February 23, 2012 by Draksus100

    It's been a tough year for most Halo fans.

    We've had to say goodbye to our much loved Bungie; a tear-jerking experience for most of the people that have been with the Halo brand since it's start back in 2001. It's the end of an era...

    But! Not every era is a 'precursor' to failure. And after monitoring the situation for up to nine months now, I hear people saying 'The Halo franchise will fail without Bungie' or something along similar lines. It makes me sad to see it, partly because those comments are from misinformed or uninformed fans of the series who jumped ship to COD after the Halo saga 'ended' in 2007. The main reason I'm optimistic for the future? Because 343 Industries have been working away in the background for a year or so; admit…

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