A few years ago, we had a Halopedian group called the Anti-Vandal Coalition, which was supposed to fight vandals. Vandals were reported on a page, and those who actively opposed vandals got ranked in a hierarchal system. It was a mess because vandals were only encouraged by the AVC. They saw it as a chance to play the villain in an epic game or something. Jack Phoenix put a stop to this with a forum post explaining how we were feeding the trolls.

This was back in 2007. Because it was a while ago, a lot of our current users don’t remember the events surrounding the AVC. Occasionally there will be an enthusiastic push for a neo-AVC from users who don’t get the reasons why the admins ardently oppose such vandal-fighting groups. In order to help people understand this important part of Halopedian culture, I’m posting the (hopefully) humorous comic below:


Okay, technically I think trolls are sadists. But for purposes of humor, you know… That penis discussion, though, came straight from Talk:Sangheili. I am not making that up. We’re weird.

So, yeah. Here’s a little bite of Halopedian history. Jack Phoenix’s panel is biggest because it’s the most important. You can skip all the others, really. That’s the lesson that should be remembered.

(This is a bit of a departure from usual Halopedia blogs. I’m experimenting. Does it work? Should I stick to formal articles?)

EDIT: Here's the original penis conversation, by the way.