Halopedia is not a finished product. This is always a description of a wiki. Halopedia is perpetually in a state of development. This is true not just for its content, but the site itself. Halopedia has for the past few years been Wikia’s guinea pig, testing out new layouts and features for them. One example of these are the blogs, and an unfortunate result of Wikia’s testing has been difficulties with categorization, specifically sorting the blog categories alphabetically. I believe I have found a solution to this issue, for those of us annoyed by the glitch.

Each individual blog article is included on the blog namespace, and the title thus begins with “Blog:”. I believe originally this prefix was ignored and all articles were sorted by their actual titles, but this was short lived. An update followed, and the prefix was then counted, causing articles to be sorted under the letter B. A subsequent update fixed a few of them in my [[Category:Blog by User Dragonclaws]], but for some reason a whole bunch were then sorted under R even though they didn’t start with R. I could be wrong about some of this history, but it’s sufficient to say that the sorting has been screwed up.

Well, here’s how you fix it. I’ve included images showing me fixing the placement of my article Is Cortana Sexy? Mechanics of Mechanical Gender (which incidentally is not really about the sexual attractiveness of the AI). Here’s the article sorted under R:


I clicked on the title, loading the page. I then clicked “edit” and scrolled down to the bottom where the categories were included. Going to [[Category:Blog by User Dragonclaws]], I then inserted “|I” (that’s the pipe character followed by the letter I). Just the I is needed, I don’t have to put in the whole title to make it work.


Now, this isn’t the end. It’s a two-step process. Saving the changes, the page loads with it not recognizing me as the author. At the top, it identifies a “Dragonclaws|I” as the author of the article.


So, I edited the page a second time, now taking away the added “|I”.


Saving the changes makes it recognize the author of the article as Dragonclaws, me, again. Even though the “|I” has been removed, the page is now sorted under I where it belongs. Note that even though the whole title wasn’t inserted into the category that it still manages to sort it alphabetically under If you like Halo….


So, there you have it: a kludge solution for dealing with a Halopedia glitch. Probably 99% of you don’t care, but I hope this helps some Halopedians. Remember, it’s us against entropy. The power is YOURS! Or something.