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  • Draevan13

    So as you may have guessed from the title, I've read the latest Halo novel, Mortal Dicata, and was incredibly dissapointed to discover that Jul 'Mdama is not in it at all. Not even for a brief instant. He's mentioned a few times, but that's it. Uuummm... what? He's one of the main characters in the last two books then he drops off the face of the galaxy in the final book? There are un-answered questions about him!

    • Why does he become a religious zealot by the time he appears in Halo 4? In the books, he HATES the Forerunners.
    • How does he amass such a large fleet/army of four species? When we last see him, he's on a small colony that has only Sangheili, and I quote: "Only a few, out-dated ships".

    I was expecting these questions to be answered in…

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  • Draevan13

    Spoiler Alert if you haven't read The Thursday War.

    So I was reading The Thursday War when I realised something: in the multiple ship engagements, none of the Covenant ships ever have any shields, neither 'Telcam's forces or the Arbiter's. Not only that, they fire normal missiles at the Infinity instead of plasma weaponry. Now, I don't know if it's because they can't repair their weapons and shields, or because author Karen Traviss isn't well informed about Covenant ships. Anyone have an insight?

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  • Draevan13

    While examining articles about Halo 4, I noticed a certain pattern regarding the squishiest enemy of Halo: players really hate to fight them. This surprised me, as meleeing a Flood into several bits was great fun in Halo 3, and their suicidal recklessness was a nice change from the Covenant enemies in the games. So, I ask you, fellow Halo Wiki-ans,what do you think about the Flood? Do you enjoy pummeling them into a pulp and blasting their limbs off? Or do you loathe them?

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