I know there exist some other gametypes besides Halo Ce's regular ones, and I didnt wanted to directly write this on a page,instead let you people decide if it should be at last mentioned.

Zombie - An actualy common XG/DG gametype.The red team are humans and the Blue team are the zombies.The Gametype starts with everyone red (human) and one zombie (blue), the humans win if they reach 50 kills or survive, and the zombies if they manage to infect every human.Zombies cannot use weapons, and can only strike by using meele, and have 2x speed than an average player (In DG servers they are invisible), while humans have the normal speed but have 999 ammo and greater shields.

Supplies - An XG server where players, if they do many kills, or are the first to enter the server, win certain "supplies", like doubled ammo, 6 grenades of each, active camo etc.

SuBees - A rarely seen slayer gametype where the players start with low-in-power weapons, generally the Plasma pistol and Magnum.

Shotties no shields -A fun gametype where players battle in a map-cycle with only Shotguns and have no shields, this being a gametype where kills are easy to do if the user has a quick trigger.

ROX - ROX is an uncommon gametype where players have the heaviest weapons, and the starting pack being the Rocket Launcher (In some types of this gametype, throwing a grenade results in shooting a scorpion round).