These are my personal favorite weapons in the entire Halo series.

Honorable Mentions: Spartan Laser, Sniper Rifle, Fuel Rod Cannon, Covenant Carbine

10. Assault Rifle- I had to put this on here at. This is the standard weapon for action in Halo, suitable to near any situation in the campaigns and multiplayer. In Halo 1 this gun had was a monster with it's high magazines and fire rate. The assault rifle has lived on the series (minus Halo 2) and had several versions of it from The Suppressor to the Plasma Repeater.

9. Shotgun (the one in Halo: Reach)-  The shotgun is also a standard action weapon for the series and I love it. This is the best close quarters weapon, especially in the campaigns when taking on elites in narrow hallways or hordes of jackals and grunts. I prefer the shotgun in Reach because I think it looks the most badass and I like the color red.

8.Brute Shot- A fan favorite; the brute shot is like a grenade launcher but more awesome as it works great against groups of enemies and any ground vehicle. This gun has one of the coolest and most unique designs I've ever seen on a gun in an FPS with the huge blade alone. Hopefully one day the brute shot will make a triumphant return to the series.

7. Incineration Cannon-  The best expolsive weapon in the series. This cannon can destroy vehicles and players on a large scale and at a fast rate. I fell in love with this weapon in Halo 4, it was the most unique and best new weapon in Halo 4. The orange expolsion is a gorgeous site to see, unlike anything a gun in a videogame can provide.

6. DMR- This was my favorite multiplayer weapon in Halo 4 and Reach. When I got into SWAT, I got into the DMR; I adore the gun's perfect medium range, it's powerful shot and balance. I can take on an enemy up close or from across structures on a map. My favorite moments when useing this gun are on wide range maps with open areas like Hemmorage in Reach and Complex in Halo 4.

5. The Energy Sword- One of if not the most iconic guns in all of Halo as well as shooters. I can only imagine what is like for the original Halo players when the series started to see how beautiful and awesome the Sword is in Halo 1 and finally be able to use it in the sequel. The sword is a joy to use and creates a rush of adrenaline when a player finds it on the battlefield and then leaps across the slice and dice the enemy.

4. The Needler- This has to be the most original weapon in Halo from the design to the bullets (or needles if you will) the whole gun is truly one of a kind. One can take out a variety of enemies from various distances in a glorious pink explosion as every needle explodes at once. The needler is truly not to be missed by any fan of the FPS genre.

3. The Battle Rifle- The best all around weapon in the series, the BR is a go to gun for any situation in Halo. Pinned down by elites and jackal snipers? Battle Rifle can help you out. Need to take out a whole lot of grunts in your way? Use the battle rifle to take em out with headshots. This gun is a great fit for any mode or map in matchmaking as well from offering support to your teammates or going on an assault. The Battle Rifle is a statement of a great FPS weapon.

2. The Gravity Hammer- The only melee weapon that can destroy vehicles and multiple enemies in just one swing. We don't get Grifball without this hammer nor one of the most satisfying sounds in Halo when that hammer drops. I love this weapon to pieces, I never get tired of using this weapon, I'll take it over any weapon when I have the chance in the games it's in. Just can't help myself.

1. The Halo 1 Pistol- To this day I will go back and play Halo 1 just to use this gun. I love it. It's the best. It is without question the best sidearm in the history of gaming. Like my number 2 I'll take this one of any other weapon and I never get bored of it, this weapon is endlessly entertaining. I will rejoice if this gun comes back in the future as it did in Halo 5. May this gun live on in the pantheon of Halo.