I remember back when Team SWAT and Team Snipers were Double EXP Weekend playlists. I'd get a couple of friends and we'd play for hours, just messing around and gaining EXP. Then SWAT became a fixed Hardcore playlist, and it did not show up anymore on the Double EXP Weekends. But I still had Team Snipers to look forward to, and it was common to come upon Team Snipers or Shotty Snipes in the Social Slayer gametype. But after that became a Hardcore playlist as well, it was removed from the Double EXP Weekend playlist and Social Slayer, making it only available on Hardcore. Now this disappointed me, not because Team Snipers was the main Double EXP Weekend I looked forward to, but now there was no way to actually practice. But this also brought a lot of confusion towards Bungie's intentions. Why make playlists that require skill available for Ranked only? And to add to that, only people who have purchased the Legendary map pack can play any gametype on the Hardcore playlist. Don't take this as complaining, because that really won't help me at the moment. But I ask Halopedia: Does this change make sense? I also created a poll, which can be found here, and you would see most Halopedians agree with me. When I asked a Bungie staff member about this, he replied that it was to balance out the hoppers. What I suggest is creating one Social gametype for it (not a whole playlist), probably titled Hardcore Social or something of the sorts. What it would do is give everyone a chance to play MLG, SWAT and Team Snipers variants at random. This way, people can sample every kind of Hardcore gametype in a lax setting, and also a chance for gamers to practice without the pressure of having to level up. It can even be just made into a Double EXP Weekend playlist, because I bet it would be popular. I want to hear your opinion on this, if you have any suggestions of your own, or just questions about my idea.

Commander DA, Administrator 22:43, 13 March 2009 (UTC)