So far I've had several glitches, which I've decided to tackle head on, but first I'd like to know the severity of these glitches, how many other Halopedians have them, or maybe patterns in these glitches.

Missing Awards

This is pretty self explanatory, if there are awards you should have, but don't show up on your userpage. If you have this problem, please state which awards you are missing.

  1. Devout Atheist (750 Votes, 1K Votes, 250 Comments)
  2. Halopediaman
  3. Darthmasterchief (100 Edits)
  4. 2K Dragon (500 Votes, 750 Votes, 1K Votes)
  5. Arkarion
  6. Snore
  7. FUGLY (5 Votes)
  8. HalOgOD (5 Votes, 5 Comments)
  9. ShadowBroker44 (100 Comments)
  10. Mechanical-Menace (25 Friends)
  11. Sniper hound (5 Votes)
  12. Chaos2454 (5 Comments)
  13. JEA13 (50 Votes, 50 Comment
  14. Thommie1313 (5 Votes, 5 Comments)
  15. Gorgoth117 (5 Votes)
  16. Kreagal (50 Comments)


If you are unable to view messages, or many have been deleted.

  1. Devout Atheist


This concerns both e-mail and Main Page ones, whether you are receiving duplicates of the same notification, or your notifications won't go away on the Halopedia Main Page for a long time after you've received the award. This is a minor glitch.

  1. Devout Atheist
  2. 2K Dragon
  3. Sith Venator
  4. Delta-04
  5. Prophetofintent
  6. Kreagal
  7. Sniper hound
  8. Smoke.
  9. Arbiter116
  10. Dragonblaze-052
  11. Odysseas-spartan-53
  12. JEA13
  13. Roker1039
  14. Darthmasterchief

Don't hesitate posting any other glitches you've noticed, or if want your name added to any of the current lists.

Commander DA, Administrator 18:58, 24 March 2009 (UTC)