I'm currently reading Halo: Smoke and Shadow which I bough for a couple of quid via Kindle. I am not a big reader but I have currently made it half way though this book. So far, I've actually been really enjoying it, some parts are a bit cliché, however I feel like the plot adds some nice background to John Forge which goes beyond his death and follows someone he's left behind, his daughter, Rion. We follow her as she tries to track down hat happened to her father. I also really enjoy that we follow someone who's not military, like Hunt the Truth, it forces the focus on to the character and the unravelling mystery rather than being all about action.

As I got in to the book I wanted to look up some extra info on the characters and was surprised to find that beyond a wikia article on the book, all the places, people, ships and events mentioned have very little in the way of reference to this book. For example, the article on the UNSC Roman Blue talked about its involvement In the Battle of Arcadia along side the UNSC Spirit of Fire up to its destruction in 2525 at the Battle of Chi Rho but didn't mention the discovery of the wreckage on Chi Rho's moon, Eiro, by Rion, or the discovery of capt. William Webb's log, that could lead her to the truth about her father's disappearance. Indeed, Rion's page said little more that the daughter of John Forge, now I have added all about her relationship with her father and mother, what drives her, how she ended up where she is and who she killed, loved and rescued along the way.

As I go I am making notes and then updating Wikia pages. I think that doing this is really helping me enjoy the book much more than I otherwise would as it makes me really get to know and understand the characters. I only say that as I typically loath reading and also can't remember what's happened so far so often become confused and so don't enjoy it very much. That aside, so far at 60% the way through, wikia has really helped me enjoy this story and I've really enjoyed writing about it. I hope that with the up-coming Halo: Renegades, people reading that will want to know more about Rion and will read my hard work regurgitating the contents of Smoke and Shadow in a way that helps them understand more about these rather fun characters.