So I was thinking, the reclamation has to be done by the, well, reclaimers, which are the humans and not the humans' created. From this thought, I originated what I think should be the general idea of Halo 6, which I believe should be titled:

Halo 6: Reclamation

To sum it up here first, the point of the Reclamation installment of the game series should be for humanity to reclaim the Domain from Cortana, whether or not they pursue the Mantle afterwards. I also want to say that this game has a very high possibilty for the death of Chief if even closely related to the educationally predicted storyline I'm about to put out here, and its not neccesarily a bad thing. I love Chief, and if he were to die, it'd be the first time I cried about anything in (lets say 6 releases in 2018) nearly 7 years. It would hit hard, but it wouldn't be a death in vein and trust me it would be a fantastic death, if death can be fantastic. I'll put two alternate endings on the post, one with Chief dying, one with him living and no death in place of his, simply a loss. 

Before going into the story, we have to talk about Halo 5. Either 343 screwed up half way through marketting and continued to go instead of fix it which would make it worst, they're just plain stupid, or they've been throwing us off all along. Halo 5 was said to be the darkest of all Halos and this was directly related to 343's marketting scheme of "Chief vs Locke," but this Halo wasn't dark at all... well, it wasn't dark compared to any of the other Halo games, right up until the end and leading into Halo 6.. which bring me to my point. Halo 6 has complete potential for its story, one of those potentials being the ability to gain the title, "Darkest Halo Ever, Of All Time." (If you don't get that reference you disgrace me). The reason for this is the AI induced apocalypse that is now dawning (and by Halo 6, dawned) upon the galaxy. They (343) also have every piece available to them to make this a true Halo players game. They can easily allow additions of novel characters, mainly Mendicant Bias. Arbiter is back and better be a coop character. They have all of Blue Team and Halsey just laying around. We know that 343 Guilty Spark is alive and somewhere. The Janus Keys are available to humanity, well, we're left with one half for know but with the death of Jul... we should be able to get the other half easily. The Domain is active and the Mantle is ready to be reclaimed. If they do it right, they can bring the flood back in this game. The Ark could very easily be a visited place in 6. Lastly, as seen in the Legendary Ending of Halo 5, Cortana (or as some speculate, 343 Guilty Spark) is humming as a Halo Ring lights up (In a literal way, not in a way as destroying every living being its radius), so we most likely will be able to visit that as well. Now using this, lets write out the perfect Halo game, but in a very logical way that uses real facts that could actually work, and 343 better read this, because I'm going to be putting a lot of my damn time and thought into this and I will be seeking plenty of help whilst writing. Without further ado... wait for it... wait for it.. THE LIGHT IS GREEN!

Part 1: Introduction  Levels

This section, and the last (3), will be the shortest sections, as the mid campaign will be the most influential part, of course. One last thing I'm gonna say before I start is that I'm basing this first part of an educated theory and the lack of an idea for any other explanation. This theory is that there is a control room inside a Guardians head. I'm basing this off the fact that the Forerunners always have a back up plan that sometimes includes a control room (*cough cough* The Ark) along with the idea that if they were to use multiple Guardians in multiple places then it would be easier to have on trusted hierarch forerunner to control a Guardian near a colony. Most likely either a high class of Warrior-Servant. I also cannot find, for the life of me, an idea in my head that would allow for the Creator Army to defeat the Guardian on Sanghelios and/or slipspace to many other locations, also, it sounds pretty damn cool. Okay, finally, lets go.