In almost every mojor video game or movie franchise it has zombies or it's about them. Just what's up with them? Sometimes they are summoned in that fantasy stuff, sometimes it just happens like in REsident Evil, or Left 4 Dead, or Dead Rsing, or 30 Days of Night. Other times it's a genetic problem like the Rahkgouls in KOTOR (lol), the Darkseekers in I Am Legend, or, our beloved Flood in Halo. And so may times is it up to a lone hereo to stop them, like Chris Redfield and that other guy, Otis, Robert Neville, or, of course Master Chief and the Arbiter. And almost always secondary characters are captured and/or infected: Cortana.

But any way I'm getting of the topic. In every Halo game so far there has been the Flood. I thought after the original three we'd be pretty much done with them, but they come back in Halo Wars! And the "official" first contact with them was in Halo: CE. Will they actually come back in ODST? It wouldn't make sense, the Flood wont come to Earth until AFTER Masterchief comes back. And if you ask me it gets a little repetive; your in a dark, abandoned place (usually Forreunner), then out of now where comes the Flood! Doesn't it all get annoying? The frantic screams of both you allies and enemies, Shooting coming from some where, and the Flood running around like idiots? If you ask me this entire zombie thing gets old after awhile and, like I said before, having the Flood again in ODST wouldn't make sense. Does anyone agree?