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  • Dakinnig

    Champions bundle!

    July 7, 2013 by Dakinnig

    Hello unknown person that I dont know!

    I recently saw the Champions bundle trailer and it looked awesome! New weapon skins, new armor, new maps, new EVERYTHING! But some things were cooler than the other stuff (In my opinion). 

    The Mark V and ODST armors are back! The new Mark V armor looks pretty much like its old Halo : CE style with the ammo sacks on the chest and the "bulky" style which means it will look like the Anniversary version. ODST looks new though. The shoulder parts look smaller than the older versions in previous games and the helmet has a new style. It seems to be somewhat rounder now. The chest looks like a kevlar vest and a backpack(?). The visor looks bigger as Mark V seem to have a slightly smaller visor. Another thing is…

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  • Dakinnig

    Halo reach shielding

    March 9, 2013 by Dakinnig

    In Halo 2 Master Chief got his new Mark VI suit. It had faster recharge rate on the shields than the previous version (Mark V). But in Halo Reach the shields recharge rate are just as fast like the Mark VI. Why?  (Mark V was used in Halo Reach as you may know)

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