Halo 4 did a lot of things right, and also a lot of things wrong. That's natural, as it was 343 Industries' first full Halo game. The game also made loads of controversial graphical changes, which many people liked and many didn't. While it is extremely unlikely 343 will go back on all their decisions with Halo 4 (despite the fact that many people would like them to), they will certainly be listening to our opinions much more from now on. So regarding Halo 4's graphical changes, which did you like? Which didn't you like, and why? What do you want to be changed from Halo 4 to Halo 5: Guardians?

Personally, I have a pretty mixed opinion of the new graphics.While I love the new assault and battle rifles, most of the other UNSC weapons look too futuristic for my liking. That kind of look I think should be saved for the Covenant and Forerunner weapons. On the other hand though, I love the new purple-green Covenant colour scheme. It fits so well together (especially since they're complementary colours).

As for the armour (spartan and covenant), I think that none of it is as unique or as iconic as it should be (excluding the Warrior, Scout and Aviator variants). Also, the armour needs the wear and tear it had in Reach. Right now it looks like the spartans are made of plastic.The Chief's armour redesign I like, but I have a few improvements I'd want; the H2/H3 chest piece, the H2/3 groin guard (his current one is just stupid) and the colour and pattern of his visor from H2/3.

Unggoy Storm 1 (trans)
HReach - SpecOps Unggoy
Kig Yar Heavy
HaloReach - Jackal
Storm Elite Officer
HReach - Sangheili Field Marshall
And finally, to the Covenant races. Their redesigns were terrible. Just terrible. Aside from the lack of half the species, none of the species had the variety they used to, and should have had. Firstly, they all have the exact same skin colour and texture. I mean come on, 343 must've just gone 'Alright screw it, let's make one texture and apply it to all of them!' This needs to changed. Grunts should be a dark grey, jackals their usual orange-brown with feathers dotted around and elites should be bluish black.Finally, they need to look less like lizards and more like what they used to. I did like the hunter redesign though, especially since the Lekgolo worms were visible this time.

Anyway, rant aside, what do you think?

USER Dab1001 Avatar Dab1001 (messageblogscontributions) UNSC Emblem 16:57, May 25, 2014 (UTC)