NEWS: Halo Wars 2 Icons of War Pack Released

NEWS HW2 IconsOfWarReleased

Yesterday saw the release of the Icons of War DLC pack for Halo Wars 2. This pack, which is included in the season pass, contains two new leaders. Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee is a returning character and leader from the original Halo Wars, although with a Banished twist. Meanwhile, Jerome-092, previously relegated to simply being Captain Cutter's hero unit, has been given a promotion to Commander, allowing him to take command on the battle field.

The Arbiter focuses on agressive, rapid attacks supported by fast-moving units. In place of Jump Pack Brutes, 'Moramee deploys Enforcers, Elites armed with T-25 Plasma Rifles and T53 Plasma Casters. He also has access to Banished Phantoms, which are fast aerial craft armed with powerful plasma cannons, and also have the ability to transport infantry.

Jerome-092, on the other hand, brings a few friends from SPARTAN-II boot camp to the battle field. These are Omega Team, August-099, Leon-011 and Robert-025. They are outfitted with a ARC-920 Railgun, T1 Energy Sword and Plasma Cannon respectively, and each has energy shields and can hijack vehicles. In addition to this, Jerome also deploys a Command Mantis as his hero unit, and uses the M650 Mastodon as a heavy troop transport.

Next month, Halo Wars 2 is set to recieve two more DLC leaders, as well as a short two-mission campaign expansion called Operation: SPEARBREAKER. Little information has been released on either, however SPEARBREAKER will include two additional cutscenes created Blur.

The Icons of War pack is available now on Xbox One and Windows 10, for $9.99 (or £7.99). For those interested who do not have the season pass, the pack can be bought here.

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