NEWS: Halo Wars 2's Latest DLC Leader, Sgt Johnson, Has Released

NEWS-HW2 JohnsonReleased

Fan-favourite character Sergeant Avery Johnson has made his way into Halo Wars 2 in its latest piece of DLC, which was released yesterday. He brings with him a variety of mechs new to the game, some of which have never been seen before.

The beloved Sergeant's focus as a leader are mechanized units, and so with him, several mechs have been added. In place of the Warthogs, Johnson fields Mantises. Also replaced in Johnson's arsenal is the Scorpion. What could be better than "66 tonnes of straight-up, HE-spewin' dee-vine intervention", you ask? The Colossus, a huge mech with the ability to stomp on and stun enemies. Johnson himself can take to the battlefield in his Green Machine hero unit, a very powerful mech customized by the man himself.

Along with the update that brings with it the Sergeant Johnson DLC are a pair of (free) themes for the Blitz map The Proving Grounds: Nocturne and Sirocco. A theme will be randomly selected at the beginning of each match, and will help to keep the gamemode feeling fresh, given that it only has one map. The remaining changes are listed in the patch notes.

Those who preordered the Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition or who bought the season pass will already own the Sergeant Johnson DLC. Everyone else who is interested can purchase it for $5.99 here.

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