NEWS: Halo Wars: Definitive Edition Has Released as a Standalone Game

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Earlier today, Halo Wars: Definitive Edition released on Xbox One, Windows and Steam as a standalone game available for individual purchase. Previously, the title was only available to those who had bought the Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition bundle on Xbox One or Windows, but it can now be purchased seperately for $19.99 (£15.99), and is also now newly available on Steam.

Halo Wars: Definitive Edition is an enhanced port of 2009's Halo Wars, which features all the DLC from the original game; improved graphics and audio; additional achievements and finally, support for ultra high definition (UHD) resolutions and refresh rates above 30Hz. The port was made by Behaviour Interactive and published by 343 Industries and Microsoft Studios, while the original game was created by Ensemble Studios, renowned strategy game developers famed for the creation the Age of Empires series.

For those interested in purchasing the game, it is available for Windows and Xbox One through the Microsoft Store, and on Steam here.

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