NEWS: Awakening the Nightmare, a new Halo Wars 2 Expansion, Has Been Announced

NEWS HW2 AwakeningTheNightmareAnnounced

At E3 yesterday, a new DLC expansion for Halo Wars 2 was unvieled, titled Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare. This expansion, which is not included in the season pass, will include a new campaign featuring the return of the Flood, two new Banished leaders (likely the two Brutes depicted in the image below), two new multiplayer maps and finally Terminus Firefight, a cooperative mode where players must band together to defeat hordes of enemies for as long as possible. Awakening the Nightmare will release in Autumn, 2017, and will cost $19.99 USD.

Awakening the Nightmare's campaign expansion will have players taking control of the Banished, as they encounter the ancient Flood threat. It will include two Blur cutscenes to bookend the experience. Outside of the campaign, Terminus Firefight pits up to three players against waves of Flood, Banished and UNSC forces, from whom the players must protect their bases and a Forerunner terminus. The two new leaders are exclusive to the Awakening the Nightmare DLC, but the new maps will be available all players free of charge.

In addition to Awakening the Nightmare, the next to Halo Wars 2 leaders have been revealed, both set to release later this month: Jerome-092 and Arbiter Ripa 'Moramee. Jerome will be leading Marines into battle as a UNSC leader, whereas 'Moramee, despite being dead, has gone turncoat and now sports the Banished colours. Both Jerome and 'Moramee will be available individually, and are also part of the season pass. Futhermore, two more DLC leaders are on their way (in addition to Awakening the Nightmare's leaders and Jerome and 'Moramee), along with a two-mission campaign titled "Operation: SPEARBREAKER", which we've been promised more information on soon.

Finally, a couple of miscellaneous pieces of Halo news. With the release of the Xbox One X in November, Halo Wars 2 will be recieving a patch that will allow the game to run at 4K resolution, thanks to the console's increased processing power over the original Xbox One. Also, it may have been hinted that Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST will be coming to Xbox One via backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360 (perhaps on 25/9/17 (DD/MM/YY) to celebrate the former's 10th anniversary), if the fact that they were seen in the background Original Xbox Backward Compatibility trailer is anything to go by. Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, however.

Awakening the Nightmare is by far the biggest Halo announcement from this year's E3, and players can look forward to getting their hands on it later this year, but for now, all we have are a few screenshots and this stunning trailer made by Blur:

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