Halo Wars 2 is coming. We all know it, it's been hinted at over and over, and now it is all but confirmed.

I'm sure everybody will have loads of suggestions for the game as a whole but I want to know specifically about what units/upgrades people want.

Personally, I'd like this (if you don't care just scroll past the tables lol):

Role UNSC Covie Brute
Main Infantry Marines Elite, Grunt & Jackal Squad Brute, Grunt & Jackal Pack
Anti-infantry Flamethrowers Elite Zealot Brute Chieftan
Sniper Sniper Squad Jackal Sniper
Aux. Infantry SPARTAN-IV (Max. 5) Hunters (Max. 10, 5 pairs)
Scout Mongoose Ghost Chopper
Rapid Assault Warthog Spectre Prowler
Tank Scorpion Wraith
Anti-Vehicle Cobra Revenant
Anti-Air Wolverine Anti-Air Wraith
Anti-Building Mantis Locust
Main Air Hornet Banshee
Aux. Air Falcon Vampire
Heavy Air Vulture Lich
Healing Unit Cyclops Engineer
Mobile Base Elephant (Mammoth for Cutter) Scarab

And for upgrades (I only have ideas for a few upgrades so far):

Unit Default Attack Upg. 1 Upg. 2 Upg. 3
Mongoose Ram Passenger with

Nade Launcher

Passenger with

Rocket Launcher

Ghost Plasma guns Boost Boosted Ram Shields
Chopper Ram Mounted Spikers Boost Explosive shots
Warthog Chain Gun Gauss Cannon Passenger with


Rocket Turret

And that's all I've come up with.

What units and upgrades do you want in Halo Wars 2?