Halo has always had brilliant music. It has set standards for how music in games should be done, and arguably has the best and most iconic music in the whole industry. What's more, every game has a different music style, be it the brilliant percussion tracks of Halo: Combat Evolved, the awesome guitar solos of Halo 2 or the orchestral brilliance that was Halo 3's OST.

So of all those to pick from, which would you pick as your very favourite? Are there any others that you particularly like? Are there ones that you don't like, and what kind of music would you like to see in the forth coming Halo game?

Personally, in no specific order my favourite tracks are Walking Away, A Walk in the Woods, Under Cover of Night, Halo Reborn, and One Final Effort. The reason I like the first three are the brilliantly catchy tunes, and the fact that they're the kind of odd song that work suprisingly well in an FPS. And the final two just sound awesome, need I have a better explanation?

I don't particularly like Ancient Machine or What Once Was Lost. For Halo Xbox One, I hope for a mix of my favourite tracks' styles with an infusion of Halo 2's guitar style, and some more songs like those in Halo 3.

But enough about me, what about you?

USER Dab1001 Avatar Dab1001 (messageblogscontributions) UNSC Emblem 20:49, May 3, 2014 (UTC)

P.S. Here's a list of music from Halo, to help you chose. Sorry it's big, I couldn't figure out how to put it in a spoiler.