Hello to all of you from DYMX!

I bet we are all excited for Halo 4. Most of you have seen the new weapons, vehicles, maps, gametypes, aninations, etc. People like what they see, but they think about what they would want to put in it. They want to voice their opinion and ideas. And hey, some of the ideas I have seen from people are really great stuff! But the developers ignore most of the ideas sent on a weekly, if not - daily basis. If, whatever it may be - you have on your mind an idea and you would like to tell others - ask away right on here. Feel free to write whatever you like - weapons, maps, gametypes, the list goes on. From as small as an additional detail to a gun to as large as the part of the storyline.

I am looking forword to hearing all your ideas and would love it if I can actually see these in the future.

~Feel free to hear my ideas, they are mostly weapons. otherwise - please list your ideas.

  • Neural Disruption Shock Pulse cannon - An infantry weapon built by the Forerunners which disprupts the neural pathways of a target via a shock pulse - literally destroying their brain from the inside in seconds. To balance it's destructive power - it has limited range and limited ammuntion (in the form of a battery). It will also not be featured in multiplayer except on rare instances with other Forerunner weapons. A type of microwave weapon.
  • M.J. Shotgun - Basically the shotgun from Halo Combat Evloved but with more range and stopping power at close reange.
  • Kinetic Penetrator weapon - The Covenant equivalent of the the shotgun but 'bursts' a target like the Scattorshot turn it's target into an orangey ash.
  • M-8 Modular Marksmen Rifle - A UNSC weapon which is a cross between the DMR and a submachine gun. Capable of both long and short-range engagments. The marksman rifle part fires the same rounds as the DMR but can zoom in farther, but less accurate when fired constantly, compared to the DMR. The submachine gun part will use ammunition from the M6H Magnum, only in a larger magazine of 24 rounds. Fires in bursts similar to the BR, just more powerful but less accurate.
  • Gametype: I haven't been able to name it yet - you get to play as Marines or ODST's, or Grunts and Jackals against each other. The Marines have less health than ODSTS but move faster. The Grunts will have a little less health than Marines but are able to go 'kamakazie' and shoot a bit faster, with whatever weapon they have. Jackels' shield will be completly impervious to all UNSC weapons unless shot in the hand, flailing back, offering time to damage them.
  • Gametype: Intrusion Sterilization - You play as Prometheans - Knights/Lancers,Crawlers and Watchers, each will their original abilities and you are fighting both the UNSC and Covenant.