When Bungie announced they were done with Halo and we learned that 343 was going to be taking over, fans were generally nervous. Knowing what Bungie had given us, people were skeptical of 343. This put Halo 4 under the microscope, with every detail of the game being examined. Halo 4, in its own right, was a good game, and while 343 took some steps in the right direction, they, in many ways, took a lot of steps backwards, according to veteran Halo fans. 

    Though the game did receive a lot of backlash from fans, there were some things I enjoyed. I liked that John became more emotional, the additions of the Remnant and and Prometheans, and the ability to create your own custom classes. Even the campaign plot was not that bad, though it could have been better. But there were also some serious issues that I, and many other people, had with the game. Ask a thousand different people and they will give you a thousand different reasons why or what they did not like about the game. For me, there were some huge gaps in the campaign, in terms of both story and gameplay, spartan ops did not live up to expectations, multiplayer lost its “Halo” luster, and the forge felt broken.

    So, can 343 give us the Halo game will all deserve? Will their Reclaimer Saga become everything 343, and Halo fans, hope for? Can 343 deliver for the next new Halo game?