Hey Guys! I'm back

Today i'm going to talk about the Prometheans .

Now,as we all know, the Prometheans were the highest class of Warrior-Servants in the ForerunnerForerunner Ecumene , and I think most of them had been turned into Knights before the Halo Array was fired. 

However, it would be strange that every single one of them except the Ur-Didact were transformed. Apparently, this was to stop the Flood from spreading through them if they were killed, but wouldn't the armor the Forerunners wore have been more powerful than the shell and armour that Prometheans have? This disadvantage is probably to because they are immune to infection in that form, but how many of them volunteered to be commanded as mindless machines of the Ur-Didact s power?

As Knights , they probably lost all their willpower and resorted to only being able to serve their leader, the Ur-Didact. It is notable that the Librarian says that the Ur-Didact was the only living being in the galaxy when the Halo Array fired, because we know now that Knights weren't actually alive, they were just pieces of data.

By the way, if humans and Warrior-Servants could be turned into Knights , could it be possible that Watchers and Crawlers were originally animals, that were turned by the Composer into Prometheans as a desperate last resort by the Forerunners ?

And finally, now tat the Ur-Didact is presumably dead, who commands the Prometheans? I doubt it is the Storm because it just doesn't seem right that the Prometheans take orders from anyone except their master, the Ur-Didact or at least another Forerunner .

Anyway, that's all that's on my mind, see you guys!.

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