Hey guys, I'm a newbie here @Halo Nation, but I love Halo so much, I overruled my shy cowardice and am writing my first article/ blog/ post.

On to the point, Halo 4 has been an amazing experience, but what ties it together to the humanity today. Lets analyse.

Through Halos ever-expanding universe, we have discovered that the Forerunners are not exactly Gods, but have had their fair share of tribulations throughout their existence. Based on the Forerunner Saga we have observed that their politics were extremely complex (or at least more so than my teenage brain can handle) but more to the point, they were not the protectors of all things sacred the Covenant saw them to be.

Even in Halo 4s terminals, we can see they openly challenge each other and despite being an extremely advanced civilization, they are still unable to reach common cause with each other (we also see this in Halo: Primordium , where Builders and Lifeworkers fight each other for Installation 07s control, showing they'd rather resort to killing each other than peacefully meeting and talking to each other) , mirroring 21st century human politics where we, as humans have achieved extreme technological advancement in the past few thousand years are still unable to attain world peace.

Furthermore, as seen in Halo: Cryptum the Forerunners also have castes (Builders, Miners, Lifeworkers and Warrior-Servants) and discriminate each other, paying differing amounts of respect to each other based on their ranks and castes. This is to a suttle extent a show of how even they can be technically racist. 

Then there is the political divide within the Covenant. While the main body of the Covenant (presumably led by the Arbiter) seeks peace with humanity, myriad factions (like Jul 'Mdamas) will continue to fight on in the belief that their cause is true, even in losing battles.

This is a show of cause that even in situations of change, there will always be a minority or faction that remains adamant and refuses it to the bitter end, just like what could be observed during World War 2 where Adolf Hitlers followers and troops would rather kill themselves or die heroically in suicide rushes than accept the situation in Germany without him as leader fighting for their cause.

Well, I've come to the end of this post, but I hope you've enjoyed reading this brief discussion just as much as I have enjoyed typing it, and I enjoyed it very much.

"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something sometime in your life" - Winston Churchill