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    Promethean Comedian

    February 2, 2013 by CtrlAltDestroy

    Hey Guys! I'm back

    Today i'm going to talk about the Prometheans .

    Now,as we all know, the Prometheans were the highest class of Warrior-Servants in the ForerunnerForerunner Ecumene , and I think most of them had been turned into Knights before the Halo Array was fired. 

    However, it would be strange that every single one of them except the Ur-Didact were transformed. Apparently, this was to stop the Flood from spreading through them if they were killed, but wouldn't the armor the Forerunners wore have been more powerful than the shell and armour that Prometheans have? This disadvantage is probably to because they are immune to infection in that form, but how many of them volunteered to be commanded as mindless machines of the Ur-Didact s powe…

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  • CtrlAltDestroy

    Hey guys, I'm a newbie here @Halo Nation, but I love Halo so much, I overruled my shy cowardice and am writing my first article/ blog/ post.

    On to the point, Halo 4 has been an amazing experience, but what ties it together to the humanity today. Lets analyse.

    Through Halos ever-expanding universe, we have discovered that the Forerunners are not exactly Gods, but have had their fair share of tribulations throughout their existence. Based on the Forerunner Saga we have observed that their politics were extremely complex (or at least more so than my teenage brain can handle) but more to the point, they were not the protectors of all things sacred the Covenant saw them to be.

    Even in Halo 4s terminals, we can see they openly challenge each other an…

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