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Impulse returns to Halo 3

I'm back playing Halo 3 original gamertags are Impulse 2k9 and Critch1234.

links to their accounts are here:

Impulse 2k9:


I will be personal playing Halo 3 with friends on the wind up to Halo 4 coming out and i will be needing a team for legenderay i have one space left but you will be able to earn that place by playing well and commiting to meeting up online and playing with me on multiplayer.

The other people that will be joining me for Halo 4 campaign are: qp I TiFen I qp and x II MaTTy II x

Their accounts are also linked here too:

qp I TiFen I qp:

x II MaTTy II x: Can't find Matty's will link when i find it.

And that is pretty much it that needs to be said Message me on Critch1234 (my active gamertag on Xbox Live) if you ever want to join me on halo 3 :)

Critch out

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